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Trivia Academy

5 years ago I was stuck in a dead end sales job. My only joy was moonlighting as a Trivia host once a week. 4 years ago I started my own Trivia company. Last year my fully functional event production company made over $100,000. What started as 2 weekly shows has blossomed into a full time career.


What if I said you could make a great living, work for yourself, and enjoy going to work every single day? Have you started hosting a Trivia show but need tried and true content to take it to the next level? Need some help with expansion into other avenues of event production?


Welcome to a one-stop shop for all your Trivia needs...

  • Trivia Startup Guide

    • Guide to start your own Trivia Company

    • Detailed breakdown of Trivia Show format 

    • Integrated Script for beginners

    • 1 FREE Content Download ($50 Value)

    • 1 FREE 1 HR Consultation ($100 Value)


  • Trivia Downloads

    • New Trivia Show downloads every week

    • 4 Rounds including Mixed, Music, True or False, Visual Quiz, plus a Final Bonus

    • Choose from 20+ Themed Shows

    • 1st Download includes a FREE bonus show!


  • Zoom Consultation

    • Continued support for your Trivia Company

    • Guidance for maintaining and selling shows 

    • How to expand your business to include DJ gigs, pool parties, weddings, and more!

    • 1st Consultation FREE w/Startup Guide 


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