90's Themed Trivia

90's Themed Trivia

The 90's Themed Trivia Package includes all content needed for a balanced and engaging show!  

Round 1: Mixed Trivia (10 Questions)

Round 2: Name That Character (10 Questions)

Round 3: True or False (10 Statements)

Round 4: Printable Visual Quiz 

Multiple Choice Final Bonus (with a Wager Format)

Tiebreaker/Additional Questions

Comes integrated with minimal hosting directions as well!


***We also have Answer Sheets & Score Sheets available for download in the store. If you're interested in starting your own Trivia Company, a detailed breakdown of our General Knowledge Trivia Show Format, a Script for hosting, plus much more, check out our Trivia Startup Guide!***

  • What's Included?

    This is a one time digital download in the form of a Zip File which includes:

    • 90's Themed Trivia Downloads (Word & PDF)
    • 90's Visual Quiz Downloads (Word & PDF)
  • Return Policy?

    Unfortunately, this is a digital download and as such there are no returns or refunds.