Sci-Fi & Fantasy Themed Trivia

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Themed Trivia

The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Themed Trivia Package includes all content needed for a balanced and engaging show!  

Round 1: Mixed Trivia (10 Questions)

Round 2: Name That Character (10 Questions)

Round 3: True or False (10 Statements)

Round 4: Printable Visual Quiz 

Multiple Choice Final Bonus (with a Wager Format)

Tiebreaker/Additional Questions

Comes integrated with minimal hosting directions as well!


***We also have Answer Sheets & Score Sheets available for download in the store. If you're interested in starting your own Trivia Company, a detailed breakdown of our General Knowledge Trivia Show Format, a Script for hosting, plus much more, check out our Trivia Startup Guide!***

  • What's Included?

    This is a one time digital download in the form of a Zip File which includes:

    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy Themed Trivia Downloads (Word & PDF)
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy Visual Quiz Downloads (Word & PDF)
  • Return Policy?

    This is a digital download. As such, there are no returns or refunds. If you'd like some additional information about this product before purchase, please email us at or reach out via phone at 704.224.5948.