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  Today, Trivia Startup Guide. Tomorrow, Excellence.

Equipment & setup

  • Suggested Mobile Setup 

  • Resource List for              Purchasing Equipment

  • Pictures of Our Recommended Setup

trivia show breakdown

  • Detailed Breakdown of Drinkin' N Thinkin' Trivia Show Format  

  • 4 Rounds & Final Bonus       

  • Integrated Script for Beginner Hosts

  • 1 FREE Trivia Show

answer & score

sheet templates

  • Easy Word, PDF, & Excel Downloads

  • Customize with Your Company Info

  • Auto Scoring (Excel) or Print (Word & PDF)

  • Visual Quiz Template


venue partnership

  • Talking Points for Prospective Clients  

  • Info & Guide Handout for Potential Venue Partners

  • Price Points 


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