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Chances are, you've already experienced a wide range and spectrum of live pub entertainment. What makes us any different? We understand that building a successful show takes consistency, patience, and professionalism...​​

Friends Cheering in Pub


Our hosts are dependable - we pride ourselves on NEVER missing a show which means your regulars can count on us! If your primary host can't make it, no worries, we'll find a capable fill-in. 


All of our shows are built to cater to a wide audience - not too difficult, not too easy. Our ultimate goal isn't to make your patrons feel dumb but for them to enjoy the experience!


We not only entertain but also provide a fun and engaging experience while becoming a part of YOUR community. This in turn creates an atmosphere that people don’t want to miss out on, and come back to, regularly.

Ready for a FREE DEMO?

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